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1) From SATP:

The Union Government removed names of 23 former Khalistani militants, all foreign nationals, from the Centre's list of blacklisted Sikh radicals as they are not involved in any serious criminals cases and anti-India activities, reports Times of India. Consequently, these 23 persons will now be able to get Indian visa and travel to any parts of India without any restriction. The Punjab State Government had recently recommended to the Centre for striking off the names of 46 radicals from the then list that comprised 169 persons, who originally hailed from the State and have since settled in different countries across the world, including US, Canada, Germany and UK. The list, meant for travel ban and denial of visa, still has 146 names of Sikh radicals, who were directly or indirectly associated with various pro-Khalistan militant outfits.

2) Just noted this article on currency paper sourcing Linky

India has refused to accept currency paper shipments from one of its biggest suppliers in Britain because of uneven production standards that could compromise the quality of printed rupee notes.
India has not yet cancelled its contract with the firm that supplies about 40-45 per cent of its needs, but sources said the deal could be in jeopardy. The RBI contract apparently contributes a quarter of De La Rue’s £96.6-million pre-tax profits.

3) Monsoon prediction models are still scratchy?! It is time that the lifeline of the country gets a little more supercomputer help. Linky

The IMD had earlier predicted a normal monsoon with August and September wetter than June and July. While the 4 per cent deficit is still within normal limits, scientists are concerned about the forecast for two weeks of below normal rain.
India’s overall monsoon is 4 per cent below normal despite eastern India reeling under severely deficient rainfall but the rain level could decrease further in the coming week. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) in its weekly monsoon update today predicted that the overall rainfall across the country will remain below normal over the next two weeks — August 14 to 27.

4) If it is life or death, it is back to India again.
India shows its big heart to Nepal Maoists Linky
5) Hindu asks some eminent people on their best and worst of India's post-independence era Linky
My best: Adoption of universal suffrage in the 1950 Constitution. The self-proclaimed "world's greatest democracy" did not get universal suffrage even through the 50s, while our sagely Constitution writers under the able guidance of Dr. BR Ambedkar the great, did find enough reason to not doubt the Indian electorate. I dont use the epithet "the great" quite often.
My worst: License/permit raj that stifled the growth of education, healthcare and judicial sectors even as the population grew.
6) Australia poll update: Seems like Julia Gillard has pulled closer and is inching ahead of Tony Abbott. This could be a neck and neck, or so the talkshow hosts claim. One anecdote I heard is that: Oz folks have not overthrown a ruling party without at least two shots at ruling (except once way back in the WWII times). That would put JG and Labor on top. Another factor is that women voters are enthused, and TA has predominant support only with the 50+ brigade. Western Australia seems clearly Liberal especially with the conservative lot and mining folks, while Victoria and South Australia are going neck and neck (JG is from SA whereas her current domicile is Victoria). Queeensland seems to be a different case as only 60% of QD's population is in Brisbane unlike, for example, Victoria (where 80% is in Melbourne). Plus, the supposed Kevin Ruud factor will play a big role here (KR is from QD). NSW may tip over for Labor due to the cosmopolitan nature of Sydney. Not much clue about Tasmania. It seems crazy enough to bet on either folk, but one thing is clear. Any PM is better than Kevin Ruud for India. Also read that Kevin Ruud's daughter Jessica Ruud (who is married to the Hong Kong born, Brisbane grown, and Shanghai working Albert Tse) has published a novel that starkly resembles JG uprooting KR. Wonderful, reality fiction.

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At August 14, 2010 at 11:03 AM , Anonymous Al said...

"The party (Nitish Kumar's JD(U)) also made a strong plea for implementation of Justice Ranganath Misra Commission report, which recommended reservation for Muslims. BJP is strongly opposed to it."

No end to list of unscrupulous cock^*&(ckers in Indian politics like Nitish Kumar here, who want to bring in religion-based quotas. BAstards need to be put down with prejudice if they try such crap on the constitution.


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