Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nepal update


Meanwhile, a fresh controversy has erupted within the Maoist party. In an interview to the BBC Nepali service, Maoist standing committee member Barshman Pun ‘Ananta' said party vice-chairman Dr. Baburam Bhattarai's private meeting with Indian Prime Minister's special envoy Shyam Saran was a “mistake”. Mr. Ananta, who is said to be close to Mr. Prachanda, said, “Dr. Bhattarai is already seen as close to India within the party. He should clarify what was the need to meet Saran alone after all top leaders had already met him collectively.” Sources close to Dr. Bhattarai rubbished the insinuation.

They said Mr. Prachanda knew about the meeting which was meant to understand the real purpose of Mr. Saran's visit and bridge the India-Maoist gap. Dr. Bhattarai's private meeting is understood to have helped pave the way for a telephonic conversation between Mr. Prachanda and Mr. Saran before his departure on Friday, where the latter assured the Maoist chairman that he would convey his concerns to the Indian Prime Minister. Dr. Bhattarai subsequently briefed the party headquarters of the discussions on Saturday morning. Maoist politburo member and Dr. Bhattarai's confidante, Ram Karki ‘Partha', told The Hindu, “Our friends in the party need to be responsible and think about the implications of their statements. They should know the difference between making public speeches in open theatres and diplomacy.”
The UCPN-M called its Central Committee (CC) meeting to dig out the intra-party rift and chart out its future course, reports Kantipuronline. Maoist leaders say the CC meeting beginning from August 11 is likely to arrive at conclusion on talking the “new line”. However, the meaning of the “new line” mean is yet to come to light.

Elsewhere, CPN(ML) may discuss supporting Ram Chandra Poudel.

CPN-UML, which has been remaining neutral in the last four rounds of failed voting for the post of Prime Minster after withdrawing the candidacy of its chairman Jhala Nath Khanal, is to hold the Central Committee (CC) meeting on Wednesday to decide party's position. Issuing a press statement Monday, UML secretary Yubaraj Gyawali said, "The party decided to call the 'crucial' meeting to discuss and review earlier decision to remain aloof from formation of a majority government."



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