Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Chinese migration

Let us go back in time little and see the migration numbers for Indians and Chinese - i.e. migration involving over a million.

The numbers are from Oxford Atlas of the World (16th edition, page 90)

As one can see the numbers of Indians moving across the globe cannot be really compared with the Chinese. The numbers for Indian in the below table includes Pakistani migrants too.

We might have to wait for estimates from 2001. In some reports I read the number of Chinese in Africa is almost 750,000 in the recent years. Chinese moving into Australia and New Zealand is almost on par with the Indians moving into those two countries. China's hunt for resources is instrumental in not only gaining control over swaths of land in Africa and elsewhere, but also instrumental in moving Chinese workforce everywhere. China controls internal migration, within China; but has not shown consistent zeal in controlling exodus.

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