Sunday, July 11, 2010

Two reports

1) Being a dud at making things work (except on paper :)), I can only admire hands-on folks. The under-reported part of what is tom-tommed boisterously as "Incredible India." Enjoy.

How Jahangir turned scooters into super machines
2) Career-diplomat and current VP, Hamid Ansari, speaketh:

In response, Dr Ambedkar gave three reasons for preferring the first-past-the-post system over the proportional representation system: Absence of a high level of literacy essential for proportional representation; Apprehension of a fragmented legislature that would impede stable government and maintenance of law and order; Disruption of the agreement already arrived at between the various minority communities and the majority community.
A few questions unavoidably come to mind: What is the representative-ness of the elected representative? Our system works on the principle of plurality rather than of majority.

That is a lesson that everyone worth his/her salt can take on the political scene that is India.
PS: Regular whinefest: I hate writing grunt proposals. I am selling my soul to a bunch of losers who can neither understand what I do nor care for anything else except a bunch of numbers that is variedly called the h-factor or the g-factor or other nonsensical babblemouth. How can a bloody number capture the depth or context of one's work? That explains the incredible proliferation of mindless, half-baked and useless research these days. Not like they were absent in the good past. There were fewer losers doing such type of shallow research. All for a bunch of numbers, and numbers mean a lot to the P&T ignoramuses...



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