Monday, November 7, 2011

ULFA anti-talks and pro-talks faction

Prior to the peace process
109th battalion in Garo Hills and Goalpara
709th battalion in Lower Assam
27th battalion in Karbi Anglong
28th battalion in Myanmar

Anti-talks faction
Political wing -- disbanded

Military wing:
Commander - Paresh Borua
Deputy Commander - Jibon Moran (in-charge of ULFA's base in Burma) -- replaces Raju Baruah
Army Commander - Bijoy "Chinese" Das (commander of ULFA's 28th battalion)
Deputy Army Commander - Nayan Medhi (commander of ULFA's 27th battalion)
Foreign Secretary - Pranmoy Asom -- replaces Sasadhar Choudhury
Finance Secretary - Drishti Rajkhowa (commandant of ULFA's 109th battalion) -- replaces Chitrabon Hazarika
Central Publicity Secretary - Arunadoy Dohotiya -- replaces Mithinga Daimary
Cultural Secretary - Partha Gogoi -- replaces Pranati Deka
Organizational Secretary - Michale Dekaphukan -- new post

Restructured battalions and police estimates of strength:
1st battalion in Bangladesh (Lakhimi -- the homely lady) -- about a dozen members
2nd battalion in Myanmar (Rongili -- the cheerful lady) -- 100 to 120 members
3rd battalion in Majuli at Assam (Kopili -- the speedy river) -- 27th battalion -- 15 to 17 members, earlier located in Bhutan but ceased to exist after the 2003 Operation All Clear, Karbi Peoples Liberation Tiger (KPLT) has chased away cadres of Baruah's 27th battalion from Karbi Anglong, headed by Nayan Medhi

Pro-talks faction
Goes by the name "Central and Naba Niraman Kendra Steering Committee", has 35 members
1) Raju Baruah
2) Chitrabon Hazarika -- assistant general secretary in charge of finance
3) Gulit Das
4) Haren Phukan
5) Phanindra Medhi alias Lebu -- chief office secretary and secretary to Rajkhowa
6) Mrinal Hazarika -- from the 28th battalion
7) Jiten Dutta -- from the 28th battalion
8) Prabal Neog -- former commandant of the 28th battalion
9) Hira Sarania -- commandant of 709th battalion
10) Pallab Saikia -- central coordinator, former commandant of 27th battalion

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