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Dismantling DHD

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Big Big news... After Jewel Garlosa, Niranjan Hojai was like the last man standing against the dismantling of DHD(J). Now with the Dilip Nunisa group bargaining with GoI, JG in jail caught in Bangalore, and NH caught in nepal and handed over, and the renaming of North Cachar Hills as Dima Hasao Raje, hopefully the DHD or the black widows saga and the dimasa whinefest can be put to rest. Unless of course some more pythons show their head. Unless of course Zeme Nagas, Kukis, etc. and their demand for splintering NC Hills takes a violent turn. Whatever it is, PC Haldar has his plates full. GoI needs to bring in one more interlocutor for the NE. NDFB, DHD, ULFA, AVNC, how many can PCH handle?

Niranjan Hojai, a self-styled commander-in-chief of the Dima Halam Daogah (Jewel), was apprehended from Nepal last night. He was handed over today to the National Investigating Agency which produced him in the Motihari sessions court in Bihar and got a four-day transit remand.

Sentinel adds (Linky)

The ‘commander-in-chief’ of Dima Halam Daogah (Jewel) (DHD-J), Niranjan Hojai, was arrested by the sleuths of the National Investigation Agency (NIA) from India-Nepal border last night. Hojai had been absconding for the last six months. The arrest of Hojai may throw more light on the NC Hills scam. Hojai had surrendered along with over 400 DHD-J militants before Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi on October 2, 2009, but fled the designated camp of the outfit in NC Hills when his name figured in the NIA charge-sheet in connection with the multi-crore-rupee NC Hills scam. The NC Hills district administration had declared him absconding.

Meanwhile, DHD-J cadres now staying in the designated camp in NC Hills have called an indefinite NC Hills bandh from tomorrow demanding immediate release of Niranjan Hojai and Jewel Garlosa, chairman of the outfit, who is in jail now. Talking to newsmen, DHD-J publicity secretary Phai Prang Dimasa said: “If the government doesn’t release Jewel Garlosa and Niranjan Hojai, they will take a tough stand.”

Please go ahead with your tough stand, mate.
Assam tribune adds: (Linky)

Sources pointed out that Hojai was one of the main accused in the case relating to militant-politician nexus in NC Hills, which was the first case of NIA and several prominent political leaders as well as the chairman of the DHD(J), Jewel Garlosa were arrested in connection with the case. However, Hojai managed to remain elusive and NIA was on the lookout for him.

Only recently, NIA came to know that Hojai was hiding in Nepal and accordingly Nepal police was alerted. The Nepal police managed to corner him about 10 days back, but he managed to escape. However, the security agencies kept track of his movements and managed to arrest him yesterday, sources added.

Sources pointed out that Hojai laid down arms in front of Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi along with other members of the outfit last year when the militant outfit declared cease-fire to come for talks. But in clear violation of the ground rules of the cease-fire agreement, he escaped as soon as he came to know that he was one of the accused in the case, which was investigated by NIA. Sources said that the state police also failed in its responsibility of keeping close watch on the movements of Hojai as it is the responsibility of the police to keep watch on the activities of the members of the militant groups under cease-fire agreement.

It may be mentioned here that the NIA case opened the Pandora’s box as it unearthed the siphoning off of huge amounts of funds of the NC Hills Autonomous Council, which led to a hue and cry in the state and finally the Government was forced to entrust the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to investigate into five cases of financial irregularities in the Autonomous Council. NIA, in its chargesheet, also suggested that the financial irregularities should be investigated by an agency like the CBI as it was not the mandate of the agency to investigate into such scams.

So now the Tarun Gogoi government is in a real fix. With RH Khan also in the dock, can TG escape the taunts of the even more corrupt AGP and PK Mahanta? That one, we know the answer to already :). Tarun Gogoi has the full support of Matashri Sonia Gandhi. Read more on the siphoning scandals at:
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