Saturday, July 3, 2010

Strategic Analysis - recent commentaries

Volume 34, Issue 3 --- Commentaries of relevance to this blog

India and Bangladesh: The Road Towards Common Peace and Prosperity --- Sreeradha Datta

India–Bhutan Relations: From Developmental Cooperation to Strategic Partnership --- Medha Bisht

India and Gulf Cooperation Council: Time to Look Beyond Business --- Prasanta Kumar Pradhan

Chasing The Dragon: Will India Catch Up With China? by Mohan Guruswamy and Zorawar Daulet Singh --- Raj Shukla

From the Archives
China and the Politics of Southern Asia --- G P Deshpande

PS: I should be able to dload them from the University. Me no copyright-nazi, please respond in the comments or email at standuude AT y or my normal email address for the pdfs of these or any other relevant ones. (I am travelling, so I will get back as soon as I can.) When I get a chance to actually read the above papers, I will post here with relevant nuggets.



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