Friday, December 21, 2012

This is Rajnikanth

Some of the posters from all over Tamil Nadu on Rajnikanth's birthday... Source: Ananda Vikatan

Translations (from top to bottom):
1) We worship the piety that rules us -- S. M. Raja
2) My leader is teak-wood -- K. Rajnimuthuveeran (Muthu and Veera are names of Rajni's movies in the 90s, the first leading to his becoming famous in Japan). The picture is a morphed version of the poster from 16 vayathinile where Kamalahassan is the naive/reluctant hero (Linky).
3) Grandfather at home, but no. 1 dada in the cinema industry -- K. R. Manikandan and S. Pazhanibaadsha.
4) Adisayapiravi (name of one of Rajni's movies meaning a surprising entity)'s surprising birthday. The first man to live past 100 on his 63rd birthday. The man who chose to be our leader and god, please choose to take the responsibility of a CM for the well-being of Tamils. -- S. Peter Rajni Raj, K. P. Rajni Sarathy, G. R. Rajni Umapathy.
5) The day when God reincarnated as a man -- 12/12/12. -- Maveeran Rajni Fan Club (Maveeran is a name of one of Rajni's movies from the late 80s).
6) The world-famous man who speaks the truth and does good. We bless you and worship you.
7) They say Central government, State government. When is your government coming? -- R. G. Meiappan, S. Rajni Arumugam and others.

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