Monday, January 30, 2012

Rashtra Stri Shakti

One never knows when a Butterfly Effect is set in motion. Can a few powerful women in India cause a global shift in politics and economy? If Europe continues reel in financial troubles, and if the latest alphabet to parade the economic woes street is 'L' (ever heard about the L-shaped recovery? ), Japan continues to face its economic, political, cultural problems (ever heard about the Herbivore Man? ), Australia continues to look up at China, China continues to face its own problems, then it is quite possible that India will play a significant role in the years to come. What with Italy's GDP starting to decline, who knows.

The above women, whose name you should know, and their parties will influence in the upcoming State elections and Indian General Elections in 2014. Supporters call them powerful, influential, charismatic, welfare-oriented, progressive women. Detractors call them all sorts of names. These women are here to stay till the next set of elections. In India, skeletons in the cupboards seldom matter when it comes to politics based on identities.

They are all fiery and can bring masses to clap with glee. Will they cause the World to notice them too? Why, you ask? Some of them are Prime Minister material. All of them have rich experience in organizing and mobilizing crowds, they have survived the coalition era politics, they have been party presidents, crowd pullers, Chief Ministers. Some of them even have been accused over scams, improper accumulation of personal wealth etc. They are not squeaky clean. But Stri Shakti has always worked its way into aam admi's mind in India.

These are just the tip of the iceberg and the prominent ones that can decisively impact the party that stakes power at the Center. There are scores of other women in Indian politics. You say, these women politicians really don't matter, and that I am smoking something to day dream. Hold on. This MIT Study should make you pause and ponder.
Voters often regard politicians with derision — so often, in fact, they may lose sight of the extent to which elected officials are role models for younger people. Indeed, new evidence suggests that when those politicians are female, they play a highly influential and positive role in the lives of young women.

In all seriousness, these women can be the game changers for India....(and the World he he he).



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